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Stuck at lv 50, how in hell get to lv 80?


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16 hours ago, IIDRAGONSSSII said:


Completed all allready. Just need to leve to beat the last boss and the 99 battle.

Yeah, after you beat the last boss and the Earth Spirit Temple (and maybe a couple of side quests?), you unlock the "EX-dungeon" where it's basically levels galore. The final boss of that dungeon gives multiple levels per kill as long as you have the exp-boosting artifacts.

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On 9/19/2021 at 6:57 PM, Zmx969 said:

The endgame quest "Otherworldly Visitors" after defeating the Gnome boss has ennemies starting around lvl60 up to 95.

Doing each stage twice should be enough (it was for me at least).


Not the original forum post user but thank you for saving me time. I saw on a random game guide that you should be level 90 going in. Was just going to wait till I had a slow week of games until I learned this. I just need to finish the 3 post game quests, build weapons from those materials, level up, win the one tourney and talk to dolohim a bit

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Just doing the post game quests took me to 100.


I did not really spend any extra time grinding other than a few passes in one of the other worlds to grab some fangs to make a weapon.


The last quest I did was the one attached to the trophy "Putting the Past in its Place" where you fight all of the bosses again.

That single quest triggered three trophies. It finished up the clear all sub-quests trophy, hit level 100 trophy, and its own trophy. I believe I gained 7 or 8 levels from completing it.


Making sure you have the Exp Gain Large and the bonus meter maxed from happy potions when you clear all the otherworld gates as well will net you like 30 levels.  

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