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Killer Shot in Himmelstein. How?


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41 minutes ago, CruizD said:

I've even looked at guides for this challenge and nothing works. The targets never go to the balcony together.

If memory serves aslong as absolutely nothing cases them to change their pre determined path they eventually meet up just takes an ungodly long time

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Shot the flag then the photo light thingy by the left crowd then wait 12ish minutes.



5 hours ago, bendermac said:

Shoot the handle on the flag pole in the maze and then waiiiiiiiiiiiit ;)

Doesn't work. You need to shoot the light aswell.

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Just chiming in, this took me many tries as well but I eventually got it by just touching literally nothing except the flag pole and photo light. No kills, no distractions. Just let the timer run down. No idea where I kept breaking their pathing, but in a run where I touched nothing except the flag and light, it worked exactly as intended.

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