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"Let Me Have a Go" trophy glitched

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6 hours ago, LazyJournalist said:

Hello everyone! 


As long as i can see here, on PSNProfiles, none of PS4 players managed to obtain platinum because of that single trophy can't  be unlocked despite following each step to earn it, right? Looks like only PS4 version suffer from it.

i think yes, because i did use UV light 3 times, but still no trophy for me

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I heard the trophy is not glitched. You need to do it in "one go". That means you cannot quit the game, or reload the save. I heard there were some count tracking troubles on PS4 so you need to make it in one playthrough in one go without quitting or reloading. Still haven't try this way though.

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I've done the "all-in-one-go" twice now without pausing, checking stats, reloading, going to the menu, or exiting the game.  The first time was from the beginning of the game, the second time was doing scene select from Bloodbath before UV-ing Joey.  No trophy pop on either one.  Even went back afterward and tried redoing The Vault just for laughs.

I do find it a little odd that my Ultraviolet bearing doesn't include an entry for Eric killing Joey on either save, when there absolutely should be - it just goes from the dead creature to Rachel saving Eric.  Maybe this entry being glitchy is part of the problem with the tracking...?


EDIT: Got the Eric kills Joey bearing to update if Jason does not use the stake against Joey.  If he did take the stake, mess up the QTE. Eric will kill Joey then look at the UV wand in a slightly longer version of the cutscene, and the bearing will update. Got the trophy.

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11 hours ago, BladeSpain said:

3 playtroughs and Eric just took out the UV Wand and locked at it then put it back and never gave it to Nick…




You have to keep a good relationship between Eric and Nick. At the briefing, Eric must accept air support as well as phosphorus. Also avoid any argument between the two

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Just got this on PS4 patch 1.03 (I think it's on 1.04 now).


A few things to keep in mind:


1) It needs to be three DIFFERENT characters.  Eric will do two UV light kills - one on Joey and one on a creature at the end of the game.  Only one of those will count.  As such, it will be Eric, Rachel, and Nick that will get this trophy unlocked.


2) It still needs to be done in one go (as of patch 1.03), but you CAN reload scenes.  I messed up a QTE, went to the main menu and reloaded a chapter to continue playing.  Trophy unlocked after the third UV kill.  I think it just needs to be done in "one sitting" as in the game cannot be closed out of and you can't swap save files.


3) Eric and Nick need to have a good relationship for this to unlock, which means pretty much an entire new playthrough.  Combine this trophy with Oorah to save time - if their relationship is good enough that Eric gives Nick the UV wand, then Oorah will unlock on the elevator if everyone else is dead (get Rachel killed by the spear during The Ambush to get her out of the way, then have Jason go after Salim at the end and just fail all the QTEs).

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I’ll also throw out there that not only do Eric and Nick need to have a good relationship I’m 90% sure Eric can’t think too much with his heart or he won’t make this head choice on his own to give the uv light to Nick. That’s the only thing I can think I did different- Eric and Nick liked each other above 50% but Eric didn’t give him the lamp in my run. In my run I was trying to make Eric kind and get him back together with Rachel. I always chose compassionate answers while playing him. In my playthrough where I made Rachel break up with everyone Eric handed over the lamp fine.

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