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TTT Trophy Thoughs Thread

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Compared to the list of achievements on PC, this one is not so bad (https://steamcommunity.com/stats/700600/achievements). The one on PC had you do all the campaigns on Hard with each character and it could have been pretty long. What I'm most worried about is the "Your Very Own Museum" trophy. On Steam, it has the lowest percentage so it may be hard to get.

I'm also wondering if they will add trophies for the DLC or if the DLC will change the difficulty of the platinum or not.

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22 minutes ago, Miyazaki_Rei said:

can I do hard difficulty and the other difficulty trophy pop out also? or do I have to do 3 playthroughs?

I think you have to play each of the 4 campaigns. There are trophies related to each playable characters special skill. Like create 20 golden statues with max. 
but its possible that you can do this in sandbox mode too.

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