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Platinum is impossible (two glitched trophies)


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1 hour ago, winter_bird_22 said:

Don't play this game and complain to the devs. There are two trophies that will never pop: Breaking 100 crates and entering a level four times. Neither of these trophies popped for me. The PS5 version pops the trophies normally. They need to patch this. :(


I was thinking about picking this one up. I might just sit tight for a while and hope it gets fixed. Don't want to make the same mistake twice (first mistake was buying Sabec's games). 

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Me too. They finally fixed that bug. That was sort of annoying. By the by, when I try to check my trophy list on PS5, it gives me a message that assumes I don't have trophies on my account when I clearly do. When I try to compare trophies to my friends, it says "It looks like neither of you have earned any trophies yet, go play some games!" WTF? I hope this doesn't mean my PS5 is glitched and will delete all my trophies. :(

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On 7/28/2022 at 4:19 AM, redbull-addict85 said:

How do u get the platinum as I’ve got all trophies apart from the boss encounter trophy I’ve loaded in to the boss fight but no trophy has unlocked could some one point me in the right direction as I’m confused what do I need to do anyone??



Looks like you worked this out. Perhaps post your workaround, just in case anyone else gets this issue.

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