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22 hours ago, sacrifice_002 said:

I tried to search it via PS5 but it does not appear, but it does still appear when I searched via web browser. 


Before the PS5 was released, Ubisoft released a list of games that were NOT compatible with the PS5 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew was on that short list (they retracted the list shortly after). That may be why it's not appearing on the PS5 store. According to a few PS5 owners, the game works fine but there are issues with joining games with PS4 players.


21 hours ago, POEman553 said:

Should we be concerned that Ubisoft may announce a server shutdown for this game and therefore an unobtainable Platinum since you need to be online to play the game?


Unfortunately, that's the risk you take with buying it. I was going to purchase a retail copy yesterday but passed when I found out it is online only. 

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On 16/02/2022 at 7:44 PM, the_real_culture said:

I know it's not necessary for 100%, but is there any way to obtain The Next Generation DLC? Any bundles?


The main game with the TNG DLC is currently on sale on PSN store but the TNG DLC on its own does not appear to be on the store anymore.

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