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What's the DualSense like in this game?


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Yeah It's really good. I cant use my Logitech g29 steering while all of the time and usually it kills playing racing games with the controller but the dual sense feels so good. The vibrations from terrain, the ABS on the breaks and even the traction on the throttle feel really good.

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It is on par with how good Astro's Playroom was imo. As others have mentioned, it adds a great level of immersion. The trigger pulls for braking and accelerating match the tension on the tires and the rumble of different terrains are the most notable. Competing in dirt track races feels like you're holding a steering wheel and you can feel the dirt churning out from underneath the car. On urban tracks, you can feel the rumble as you go over the gaps in the concrete along the highways. It is one of those things, much like Astro's Playroom, I want to put the controller in someone else's hands so they can understand it.

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I always turn off the trigger effect on the throttle side, because it does more harm than good. It's significantly harder to perform some fine control when it's on, so I almost always get better lap time without the trigger effect on the throttle side. On the other hand, trigger effect on the braking side is a mixed bag. It sometimes gives you some useful feedback, but if you're in the low grip environment (such as wet surface), then it became too firm too soon. Vibration is mostly good.

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