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Another 10 HARDEST Platinum Trophies video from Gameranx


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This video (as with all of Gameranx's videos) seems like pure clickbait. If I had to list some of the hardest platinums, I'd start with ESO, Necrodancer, and Fortnite. All of those are under .2% rarity, have absurd trophy requirements, and would no doubt take at least 500 hours to platinum, each. Christ, Crash 4 has a platinum rarity of 4.88%. Probably thousands of games with rarities lower than that.

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19 hours ago, MonaSaxPayne said:

shoot out to @Elegy for getting mentioned @ 8:02 in the video 1f44d.png


I noticed that.  Kind of funny since it was so long ago that I posted my thoughts about Tetris Effect and I rarely see much talk of this game outside the Tetris community.  I feel like my experience earning the plat was definitely on the slower side and I really didn't think I'd ever get there after I had played the game pretty hardcore for a month and was still 26 seconds away from SS on my sprint time after that.  I ended up having to set incremental goals for myself and to dedicate a day or two every week to the game (typically Saturday for ritual day).  It paid off in the end, but it was definitely not something I would have done if I didn't end up developing a love for Tetris and I still play the game to this day just to relax.  It has been some time since I've gone after new personal bests though.


That game definitely made me reevaluate my trophy difficulty scale though.  I now won't give games a 10/10 unless it takes me a month or more of practice.  I don't really consider myself someone who explicitly trophy hunts hard games so can't really compare to a lot of games that the community votes 10/10 on, but it was nice to see Tetris Effect get a mention.



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Another mistake Aliens fireteam elite is a 3 player game not a 4 player game. Its not really that difficult but you do need actually teammates.



You can make it easier having two of your friends be the technician class and equip the fire turret perk, Now both of your teammates have a unlimited fire turret. The last person should be a gunner or a recon, gunner has a grenade and has the ability to increase everyones rate of fire. Recon has a scanner that automatically marks enemies, Recon can also provide the team with unlimited ammo and a small amount of health. There was a glitch to have more teammates than usual but it patched. Obviously you can bring cards to increase your health and damage to make it easier. Its not hard at all once you know all this information.

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