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Chapter 7-6 Key Help!


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I like many others, has been working on this game since it became free on PS Plus. I have gotten through majority of the platinum journey with some expert races and 1 key left for platinum,


I have been having trouble trying to complete the key mission for 7-6 - 'Destroy at least 15 egg pawns'.


I have ran this mission countless times and have never gotten it, even trying using the laser and rockets boxes you can select during character selection to try to achieve this but no dice.


I have look online both videos and forums, but they weren't very helpful as they didn't offer me the help I needed or there was nothing about this level


If there is any advice, that can help me with this key mission that would be greatly appreciated.



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I found the key to this level was to not "race" at the start.  Start slowly and crash into as many cars as you can for the first two laps.  Use rockets and other offensive Wisps as accurately as you can and send any other boosts to teammates to fill your Ultimate level.  You should be able to take out 15 in two laps like this.  On lap three just drive as quickly as you can, save your Ultimate for the second half of the lap and you should be able to get past enough cars to get a star for the key to count.

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I had a hard time too with this challenge, but staying behind and using a laser box at the start of the race really helped. With a laser you can get 6 kills right at the start and if you take it slow they spawn right in front of you. Also if you stay back you get guided missiles which makes it easier to hit targets.

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