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Extinction Toned down best time to get trophies.


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A new patch came out for Cod ghost i read over the patch notes. More importantly i saw 2 which was good 


  • Added 5 more prestiges to extinction 
  • Toned down extinction 

I played extinction this today to see how much they made it easier. They made it super easy i finally got away using 2 relics and also escaped with the hardest relics 


This is probably the best time to get Throttled Escape since its super easy now.


EDIT: I forgot to say this but they also made the vulture a really bad item to use in extinction it runs out within 5 or 6 kills no lie and fully upgraded it can only kill 10 aliens, I highly recommend people to stop using the vulture im testing out the sentry gun and the pistols right now. I will list if anything was patched on those

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Sentry Patches 

  • Gets Destroyed faster
  • Fire rate decreased 
  • Balanced Tweaks 


The patches that apply with weapons also apply to extinction which are


Weapon Patches (Apply to both Online and extinction)

  • Slight AK12 Increased on view kick

Trophy and Achievement patches

  • Fixed issue where trophies and achievements would not unlock when going from PS3 to PS4
  • Improvements to Leper challenge so Lepers have a higher chance of spawing near players


These are the patches that have to do with extinction the rest are bug fixes and online patches 

Glad to hear that I had the hardest trophies already but now I don't need a prestige group to get the relic trophy :)

Yup i got away with 2 relics today which were pistols only and take more damage. I was playing with 2 non prestiges and only 1 had sentry gun. 

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Yeah, decided to platinum the PS3 version as well. I noticed but it didn't really register till reading this post that everything seemed easier. Escaping after planting the nuke in Point of Contact was significantly easier.  

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Well point of contact is and has always been cake walk compared to other extinction maps.

But yo I need some pro players who wouldn't mind adding me I'm prestige 10 only 50 missions completed, 5 max relic escape

Also if you wanna grind teeth because I do have every non class upgrade such as increased 5% dmg from all attacks, both upgraded ammo, stun armour, start with a skill point, seeker exp. protection, and quicker revive, faster health regen, etc and I do have the Medic upgrade very useful but I still need to buy start with a locker keep which is 40 and hypo knife a rhino which is 50, actually the only other one I'm missing besides tank, eng, w.s. upgrades is the flaming stowed riot shield and for 20 teeth seems whack just like the stun armour but I want to get EVERY upgrade.

So plase if you can help me get Nightfall and Mayday completionist, and I need one other nightfall trophy also on Mayday I need to get the Artictech which is odd seems lke I built every type of thing but I'm guessing you have to make the advanced tesla trap, the medium, the weak or whatever, just so many variation, and I really hate the purple VENOM X so worthless compared to the others...

Please no blank friend request.... thank you so much!

PS3 version here USA with a mic and blue-tooth headset and season pass.



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