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Is Daily Challenge Hard?


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Hey Guys i have a Question about the Daily Challange Trophy.

How Hard is the Trophy and can does the Difficulty scale with your Story Progress?

Lets say you only finished the first Biome and killt the Boss, are the Challanges then the easy ones because you only did the 1 Biome so you never get any other Biome?


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This trophy's difficulty varies a lot depending on which challenge is available that day.

If the challenge modifiers are particularly bad, or if it gives you a weapon you don't like, then that run might be very difficult for you. If it's a great weapon or has good challenge modifiers, then it can be a really easy trophy. 

I don't think your game progress affects the challenges at all. Everybody gets the same challenges, regardless of progress.

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Thanks for the Responce.

I tested it  and yes it changes from Story Progressen in Terms of the Progress.

I used 2 Saves to test it. My 1 Save has cleared the Story (Act3) and his Daily Challenge was Biome 3

My 2 save only killed the first boss and his Biome was Biome 1. The Weapons where the Same but with different Perks and Buffs / Debuffs.


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Reference the difficulty, yea your main story progress affects the difficulty of the challenges.


Yes the challenges will always be random, but they are still at the easiest when first unlocking, and after each boss, they will get harder and harder by default.

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Dunno about it. Mine completed challenge was in biome 4. They gave me a really bonkers Dreadbound and I just melted everything in my sight for 5 minutes or so. Keep checking your challenge periodically. First one I tried was so shitty pistol run, which I decided not to run and the second was reaaaly easy. 

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1 hour ago, Eruyom said:

So... better to left the trophy for last, Erase your safe data, kill first boss and then do the challenge?


You are overthinking this. The trophy sits at 45% for a reason. If you can finish the game, you surely can finish a daily challenge.

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