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How do you escape the cops?


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Yeah, don't try to take on Heat level 3 too soon. Get a proper, tuned up car first. Heat level 3 is mid-game content, 4-5 is endgame content.


It's easier to play in a solo lobby, because you can pause the game and plan your escape. Jumps are your best friend, as cops will destroy themselves by attempting to follow you over jumps (over water etc).

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It's going easy when you progress main story and get better parts..cops are glued but when you upgrade car to move 10+sec faster then ~270km/h no adv. cornering, just drive straight forward and they say inbuild intercom smg like chasing car is too fast for us and they end pursuit.. 


When hot lvl5 also working..game is very easy with fast car.. Just put armor upgrade and bonus reapair for "taran cop car" ..he drive on game map like homecomming missile.. Hard to evade and high damage to our car. 

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24 minutes ago, BaseLuna429 said:

I'm level 19, an Audi car that goes over 250km/h, and I can't level up at night anymore. Cop cars are impossible to destroy, impossible to leave behind, two hits on my car and they destroy it. I really don't know what to do...


Use jumps to loose them. Only way if your car isn't fast or strong enough and it works 100%. Check my suggested route: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/95639-easy-rep-grind-no-glitch-regular-gameplay/

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