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Spec Ops Multiplayer, but solo

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17 minutes ago, NepuNepuNeppy said:

For those experienced with the game, do you think it's possible to get 3 stars on the co-op special ops mission with two controllers, but one person? 

Yes. It is possible, but recommend having 2 screens

2 minutes ago, KMan34 said:

Absolutely not, you’re gonna need help on this one 

That's not true at all.

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52 minutes ago, ian51515 said:

I can confirm that I did this solo with two controllers. 

I can also confirm this. I used two controllers to easily beat the mission where you needed to kill 10 Juggernauts in the Favela with Explosives. There’s a spot where I had player 2 stand in the doorway, get downed, and repeatedly shoot with the handgun to kill the juggernauts, while player 1 sat in the corner and continued reviving them for the win.


I also used 2 controllers to get the AC-130 mission done, but needed an extra person to help with the Chopper Gunner Mission.

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I can also confirm that it is possible on solo.


I've done "Overwatch" and "Big Brother" in Veteran difficulty solo, with two controllers (via split screen) on one screen. My main monitor wasn't even too big for split screening unlike TVs, as it was a 21.5-inch 1080p monitor. You can hide in buildings and surroundings with the walker on one of the controllers while taking out enemies as the gunner on the other controller. However, some enemies can sneak up on you, so be aware of that and quickly take out on your walker.


For "Big Brother", after clearing out the enemies and reaching the gas station, I immediately rushed to the target building and its rooftop, took out any threats that appeared on the rooftop with the gunner, while going prone with the walker and got to the chopper with the walker as the chopper came nearby.


These videos can also help out/give some ideas if anyone wants to do them solo, but the two co-op missions weren't bad at all while split screening:



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