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Trophy Guide?

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21 minutes ago, ViperLance34 said:

What's the fastest way to rank up? Been stuck for more than an hour on rank C.


Fighting Specter over and over again has to be the fastest way. Tried a few things last night to see if there was another way after spending what felt like an eternity in Ranks E & D but once I gave up and started just doing the aforementioned fight again and again, I reached A Rank from D within 1.5 - 2hrs.

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The game is short and sweet overall, but if you want to get it done quick fast and in a hurry, here's a few hints in addition to the above!
Someone out there already halved my time but if not for that, I would have been the fastest achiever using this method.
(Out of a dozen people, but still.)
My speedrun incentive was to do something special for 3/21, a sequential day. I achieved my objective so here's tips.

We will assume cheating is the norm, by that I mean liberal use of the rewind feature.
Your base bananas never change, you begin every match with 4 the whole time.
This means bananas beyond that level aren't really necessary, especially if you combo.
A draw is a draw even if you have an 11 banana Scissor card over a 1 banana Scissor card. The affinity system is absolute.
Why I suggest having few high-level cards (but not none) is so you don't pollute your starting deck with cards you can't use.
The idea is to wipe out the enemy in as little turns as possible. Work smart, not hard. When applicable, use high-level cards to finish the job.
Personally I just had an evenly spread deck at all times, but the wise move is to make specialized decks for encounters.
Some enemies may have 90% Rock cards, so you should stack them and Paper cards for such an occasion.

Rankings are a mystery box but fortunately they're not overly egregious. When in doubt, keep playing.
It's hard to tell without a progress bar, but replaying the final boss definitely counts toward it.
Bosses of superior rank (and possibly equal) should do the trick if you need or prefer to grind before then.
I don't know if lesser enemies impact ranking at all.

Now, for one of the most important observations -- nothing that matters in this game is randomized!
With the power of friendship and cheating you will triumph over evil.

Minigames are decided by the monkey cards themselves, choose wisely.
None of the minigames are too long but some are tangibly longer than others.
You'll get a feel for which minigames are time burners and instant win buttons.
It doesn't seem possible to have a whole deck of one minigame, but the rewind feature makes short work of most challenges. 

If the enemy counters your strategy, just go back in time and counter their future counter with your past (current) counter with future knowledge.
Occasionally, luck will have you eat the punishment but all you really lose is the time investment of an additional minigame.
If all you know is monotony, failure will refresh you.

If a match immediately turns against your favor, you can rewind, select and exit the encounter (before the fight) to spawn a new monkey.
As said in a post above, this has the benefit of summoning Pipotrons because the game knows what you're doing and calls the monkey cops on you.
They are tougher than the average monkey but they aren't insurmountable, they may even help you rank up.

The credits are unskippable the first time you beat the game (which is fair), but afterwards they can be skipped every time you beat the final boss.

That about covers everything I know about this monkey game from 2006 developed for the Sony PlayStation Portable family of handheld consoles.

Edited by Roden124
No edit, I just had the existential realization that this is probably the most anyone has ever written about Ape Academy 2.
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4 hours ago, Elusion_428 said:


Fighting Specter over and over again has to be the fastest way. Tried a few things last night to see if there was another way after spending what felt like an eternity in Ranks E & D but once I gave up and started just doing the aforementioned fight again and again, I reached A Rank from D within 1.5 - 2hrs.

Damn, D - A in that long? I just finished the game and I’m still E, looks like a grind then. It’s annoying how some minigames against Specter are impossible: the Penalty for example, I chose left, he saved it, I rewound. I chose right, he saved it, and so on. Gonna take a little while but hopefully fighting him IS the best way.

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For the (many) fights against Specter, I ended up going for a couple of draws and then playing one of the mini games that you can out cheat the CPU on. I had the best luck with Washtub Surprise (the one where you take turns pulling ropes) and the one where there's 3 doors to shoot at. Both of them you can just rewind quickly once you know the right rope / door.


Specter seems to pass on the third card a lot after a couple of draws so I'd just try to save a good mini game for that third card. With the 3 card combo you can take off 600-700 hp so you only need to play 2 mini games to win the match. That helps speed things up for reaching Rank A. I stuck with all 4 banana cards to be sure I could always play whatever cards came up in my hand. By the end of the game you should have a plenty of each kind that can hit for 200 hp or more.

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I found some games were impossible to beat Spectre on, like the ring of fire, spinning baseball throw, kendo and fizzy bottle, and every enemy always guessed the number of my baseball pitch, so avoid that card in general and those ones for Spectre.


The monkey finder 3D is another super easy win too.

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Just for more information, it took me 57 total games to get to A rank. The last 15 or so were against Specter. He's not that hard if you pick mini-games you cheese by rewinding.


Also be sure to have an even spread of lower level cards. It's also worth it to use the rewinding feature to get combos. Like if he plays a rock, play your rock, then if he plays another rock after, use a paper card so the two prior cards you played will combo.

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For faster farming against Specter for A-rank, throw in a few Specter-cards (I only used 1-2) (cost 12 and deals 500 damage), then try to combo together with rewind.


Also try to avoid using the "Steal 2 banana" cards early, as he will pass every turn and you will need to play 5-6 minigames to win 

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