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Blitzball strategy


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Later in the game, a new Blitzball season opens up, and you can do as many tournaments as you want. That's actually how you get Wakka's overdrives, by winning tournaments. So don't worry if you lose that first one. You'll have plenty of opportunities to get the trophies.

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Wedge & Brother you need.


Keepa is great but once Nimrook becomes free!


Try getting Al Bhed Psych in too, use manual, and false attack, on their kick off your three forwards ALL tackle their striker


I definitely agree with these players. And I always found Blitzball to be extremely more enjoyable when playing on Manual.

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I play Tidus & Wedge up front, Letty in midfield and Ropp and Zalitz in the back with Jumal als GK. Wedge, Zalitz and Jumal can be picked up in Luca right after you finish the Blitzball tournament. This is early lvl play tho say up to lvl20 and considering you play Blitzball early on in the game. If you play through the main story first you should probably fit Brother somewhere in that line up to, as a midfielder instead of Letty. But honestly it doesn't matter much because with this team you'll simply faceroll to a 8-0 win or something already.


Also: the thing about Wedge is: he's an absolutely sick striker early in game (17 shot to begin with) but his defensive stats get a serious boost as you lvl him up. So much so that at higher lvl's he's probably better in the back.

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About this, for me playing blitzball it's worse than filling the whole grid lol.

Do you guys know about any strategies? Because I supposedly acquired the best players, and I still keep losing; just won the match that gave me the Attack Reels, but no further than that.

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Unless you want to max out stats and have all of your opponent's stats maxed out etc, you can really just focus on leveling Tidus so he can shoot goals over and over and over and over... and having decent defenders to knock the ball from the opponent to give to Tidus. That's it. This technique works for a long time, and can result in scoring goals about once every half minute. Blitzball is kinda broken this way. Oh, and another trick is to not take all of the opponents defenders on at the same time. See if you can do one on one with one of them, and then maybe either try to avoid the rest or block against both before shooting etc... I've scored with the entire opponent team try to take the ball from me when I'm shooting at the goal.

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