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Custom race RP exploit (best way to level up after 1.11)


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Currently the best way to rank up is by creating a custom race (or playing an already existing one) with 49 checkpoints as close to each other as possible. That makes up for a length of 0,62 miles. Find a good spot for this, you want a straight road with no corners to complete it faster.

A good spot is big bridge over the docks/harbor area in the south of LS. 


The race will take 22-24 seconds to complete and you'll get max RP for your level which is 3000 RP for 100 and above.

The RP you'll get will increase with every level up and check this:


100 - 3000 

90 - 2750

80 - 2500

70 - 2250

60 - 2000

50 - 1750

40 - 1500

30 - 1250

20 - 1000


This is currently the fastest method to rank up. You'll not get a lot of cash for this, however. but for now this is the method for quick levels.


This is my version of the RP race exploit, you can add it to your game: 





Maybe I can use this thread to keep everyone up to date with RP glitches and exploits.

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...And now that we've announced it, Rockstar will patch it. :P


You can't stop that :P It's all over the net already. But I get what you mean, R* doesn't take kindly to glitches and exploits and this will likely be fixed soon. 

So use your time wisely folks, and start racing! :)

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With update 1.12, this race is officially nerfed.  RP was slashed the whole way down to 259 per race (at least for someone in the high 60's) and probably even less if not doing solo.  Looks like we are back to the drawing board.  In the meantime, we still have Rooftop Rumble.

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