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Hardest N.Sanely Perfect Relic?

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Today, after 51 hours of gameplay, I have finally got the platinum for Crash 4.

I think my top 3 for the hardest Perfect relics should be:

3. Crash Landed, way easier after the patch, but still insanely hard to pull off in a single run, it took me 2 hours to get the relic

2. Toxic Tunnels, strange to say but I found the Platinum Relic wayyyy harder than the Perfect relic, not that it was easy in the slightest, the 4-gems path was probably the hardest part of the entire game, but I don't think it was as hard as people make it to be

1. Rush Hour. 3 AND A HALF HOURS to get through Tawna's part. The longest level in the game, the most frustrating, the hardest final part of ANY level, and I don't think anything comes close to it. Having to play 5 minutes of Dingodile every single time was excruciating to say the least. I think this is the most underrated level difficulty-wise in the entire game, keeping your nerves for 8+ minutes straight without missing any crate and then passing the last section of the level is really hard to pull off.


What do you guys think are the hardest Perfect relics in the game?

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1. Toxic tunnels was definitely the worst to get the Perfect relic on. The amount of mistakes I made just in the 4-gem path was insane. 

2. Crash Landed was also another just because of the end part, I would always miss a box or over jump and die. 

3. Anything with Cortex or riding. 


I didn't find some of the infamous ones all that hard like I hear Run it Bayou come up a lot but took me a couple of attempts but I found the Perfect Relics so much harder than the Platinum ones clearing sometimes only 2-3 Perfects a day where I could speed through the Platinum ones in a few days. 

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