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Trouble joining online activities


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Im probably doing something wrong but i have no idea what.


Heres what Im doing:


- I open up the online contracts app

- I select Online Tailing (or any of the others)

- I am given some seemingly arbitrary waiting time between 2-4 minutes.

- 3 minutes pass and it says no one is online.


Given the game has been out less than 72 hours i doubt that I can find no one. Is this happening to anyone else?

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I've been lucky enough to connect a few odd times, but mostly it's exactly as you described. It must just be so many people all trying to connect at once. Server stress. It happens for a lot of anticipated online games. GTA Online as a recent example, was unplayable for a least a week. BUT, at least we have the single player to keep us busy until things settle down, .. unlike GTA where they released the online 2 weeks later when most people had finished the single player.

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I completed at least 4 hacking online missions and 1 tailing. Although it does take a little long until l can connect and play with someone online.

I did finally get online missions but it took a while to get them, i still haven't been able to do an online race. 

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I couldn't even select online contracts on the menu. Do you have to progress to a certain point in the story!? Played it twice since I got it cos all I had time for, so I've only just been to visit the family. Very enjoyable taking down the guy crank calling tho!

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