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Is it only me or what?


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Is this only happening to me or any one else. Seriously the matchmaking is broken, I'm trying to find an Decryption match and every time it says it finds a match I got to wait over 2 minutes, then it finally finds a match, and after that. "Join failed. Searching for new session" It just loads, loads. Then again it finds a match, and the same thing happens again. When I do this like 4 times, it sends me into the game, but only me alone in the game. Then it sends the match and tries to find a new match, but the same issue is still happening. This has only happened today. I have a really good internet router and it's really fast connection. Its the Fibernet, with over 80mbps. Is it only happening to me, or is no one playing Decryption.


PS: This is happening on PS4.

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Did alot of racing last night. For me it popped as an online contract to actually accept rather than me queuing for ages. Worked really well. Very fun to boot. 

Seems alot of players are having trouble getting online on Watch_Dogs. I'm having a different issue with all other Ubisoft games not letting me connect to Ubisoft servers since the release of Watch_Dogs. Still got stuff to do on the old games so it would be nice if I could still get online in those too.

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