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Largest video game collection being put up for aution


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Michael Thomasson, theowner of world’s largest video game collection has placed his video collection on sale. Thomasson sites personal family issues for his decision for selling it off. At the time of this writing the current bid is for 9,500.


While i really hope this man can overcome whatever issues he is going thru, if i literally had the funds to buy his collection I would just donate it to him.










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bummer... the years of collections have to go away :( at least I wish the money the games made would be a very great help to what he's going through...


1 stupid question though... when the collections were sold... would the Guiness change the name of current holder to the one who won the bid?

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The thing about a collection that large is it means nothing if you buy it all at once. The coolness of owning a collection that large is the time and effort put into obtaining it. Just buying it outright is almost like paying for a plat. Sure it is impressive you own it now, but there would be no satisfaction (at least for me) in having that collection now.


I hope this guy can make some money for his family though and I feel bad he has to give up his collection :(

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