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Criterion Teases New Game


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Criterion Games has leaked a concept art image showing their new game! Let me tell you, it looks amazing actually! It looks so similar to GTA though, but we never know what Criterion is cooking up for us! It was announced at E3 this year.


"Concept art for our new game. What do you think happens next in this scene? So exciting to be going #beyondcars."




"This is going to be the biggest game Criterion has ever made."


There is still no actual gameplay for it yet as it's still in the making. But we can expect a super huge open world action racing game! This will supposedly be on PS3 and PS4, but that is not official yet. 

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I think this the game where you drive around in all vechiles and stuff, don't remember the name of it but. I saw a video of it.


The title is Beyond Cars. there was a little video about the team explaining the future for their company and showing little clips of pre-gameplay.

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