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I never expected to love Joe Danger that much.


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I probably would have never played Joe Danger if it wasn't for PS+. Well, I started it today and had hours of simple and pure blast. 


It's just so addictive and fun, and has a lot of content. A fair mix of easy and hard challenges gives the perfect balance. Plus, it is a very good Vita port, 60 fps all the way and very nice graphics and colors. 


If you never played it, I would suggest this game especially for all collecthatons and old school games fans like me. You're in for a surprise.







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It's a pretty fun short game. For some reason I never purchased the PS3 game, despite the fun I had with the demo on its initial release, It's not cross-buy is it?

I had a bad experience with the second game. I can't remember if it was the controls I didn't like or the way the game was set out, but I may re-download it and give it another go.

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I love the game, but it keeps crashing on my Vita. Half the time when i start a level the screen is completely black, audio works fine but video just dies.


I started countless races and never crashed even once. Maybe it's a problem on your Vita or your memory card. Try to rebuild the database or reinstall the game.


I got Joe Danger 2 from PS+ last year, but never played it much.


I am loving the first one on Vita though, I think these types of games are more suited to Vita, will definitely get the second one on if they ever ported to it.


I agree, it's best suited to Vita. I love that I have just to wait like a 1/2 second to restart a race and with the suspend/resume feature you can even play a couple of races on the fly.

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I loved both games on PS3 and JD on Vita is really good port. And it's very addictive game. I was worry about controls but they are as smooth as on PS3. Quick restart is really crucial feature in this game and my only complain goes to crappy select button on old Vita. I've already collected all stars and pro medals so now I'm waiting for J-J-Joe Danger 2  :)


I disagree, they are hard but pure skill based, 


Yeah, those Select and Start button on original PSVita, I don't know what the hell they were thinking. Sometimes I put so much effort pressing them and lose the grip.


Anyway, I'm working on getting all stars and pro medals too. Stars are the easiest part of the game, on the other side some of those pro medals require skill, fast reflexes, precision and patience. 

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Phew..finally got 100%.


The second to last race gave me troubles, but once I learned the level layout and all the traps placement (after like 100 retries), and got the timing, getting all the stars was very manageable.


It's not an easy game, but overall its level of challenge is lower compared to other hard games I've 100% completed, like Stealth Inc. or Giana Sisters.

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