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Playstation Now discussion.


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I know it is still in beta but just wanted to here peoples overall experience with it.


I have been tempted to rent a game and give it a try.


Couple questions I have.


1. What was your overall experience with it?

2. Did you earn the platinum/100% completion in the game?



Looking for feedback.


I searched and did not see a thread for this. If it is i will lock this one down.

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I rented before it went to a pay format. Rented ben10 somethingverse. Thought it would be easy to get a plat and be done with it but due to my connection i couldnt always connect and the video quality would lower drastically at times. But this was all related to my wifi connection. If i was hardwired in im sure it would have been a better experience.

It still really depends on your bandwidth limits too. As im sure you can run up your bill quite easily depending

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