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Wrestling Heritage trophy?


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Is there anyway to check what you have and have not done? :blush:


I used the accelerator so I have everything unlocked. I played both modes and I swear I did every Button prompt and objective correctly, but the trophy did not pop :S


Am I going to have to play all matches again until I get it :angry: ?



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I got the trophy and i think is glitchy. You should see a message saying you completed all of the objective in one of the 2 showcases so you don' have to complete both 2K showcases.


Where at on the screen would it say that, or does it just pop up and then go away?


EDIT: Found it, its on the background of the menu.. I missed something in the HBK &HHH one... I will try the last match again.

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You most likely missed the last one in the HHH vs. HBK match. You have to let Michaels beat you after you are done with damaging him. This will trigger two cutscenes.


You mean when I let him give me his finisher? I did that, and then the cutscene went off, that happened twice.. Do I have to actually let him pin me? I'm pretty sure I got all 3 in that match. I am thinking I missed one in the 3 stages of hell match in the ladder match, so I am going to try that one again.

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But how did you know which one you missed?


I used the accelerator after i completed the HBK HHH Showcase. In which i thought i did all objectives but when i went back to that match the game said i missed one objective. too bad i used the accelerator now, i just hope i won´t get the same problems as you. I now do the CM Punk Cena Showcase with the help of a walktrough just to be sure not to miss one objective.

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I had this trophy glitch on me on PS3, but I found a way around that someone had done and posted how they did it on .org, hopefully this way works also on ps4

You delete the game

When re-installing you delete the patch

Do 1 showcase match doing the objectives and after match trophy will unlock

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