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Horribly Buggy


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This game freezes constantly!  Am I the only one with this problem.  I am at almost 70% and it has been painful.  Loading screens are the most common freeze times, but I have tried avoiding loading various loading screens (like extraction) only to have my not just the game freeze, but my PS3.  Severl times I had to quit and restart while loading a game many times before I actually played at all.  I have completed villages/military outposts only to find out it had glitched the whole time and I didn't get credit for anything.  That happens a lot to me.


This game has me so angry, I will shatter it against a wall after I plat.  I don't care for the game itself either.  There are some good aspects of it, but if I didn't care about getting 100%, I would have stopped after I completed the story.


Good riddence (soon... hopefully)



Oh, and if you see the terrain glitch, e.g. walking through hills etc, or land graphics where roads or cities should be, you probably should reload, chances are your game play wont be recorded and you won't be able to find things like faction items.  Same for if you attack a settlement of some sort and no one attacks you when your caos meter rises.  Reset.

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I'm playing this game these days ( though got it as a gift back in 2010), but glitched once as far as I remember and I'm nearing 50% completion. All the above-mentioned 'symptoms' are unusual to me. 


How about the other games, dmsleightWhen it was the last time you have refreshed your system files? It might be down to your PS3 machine as well as it freezes.

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