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If you were in charge of the development of your favorite game, what would you change?


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We all have favorite games, they are fun to play, exciting, challenging, and yet, no game is perfect. Every game has some issues, whether it be not being able to change the name of your character, or having a bad button layout. What would you change if you were in charge of the development of your favorite game?



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There are a few small things in each of my favorite games, that I would've changed.

Change the final boss in Bioshock. That was the only thing I didn't like about the game. It just felt so anticlimactic, and was way too easy. I know you don't have many options when creating a boss fight in an FPS game, I just would've made it different. At least it wasn't a lame QTE fight, like so many games have now.

In Bioshock Infinite, I would've put in the weapon wheel. Don't know why it was removed, but it shouldn't have been. I also would've kept the visual changes on weapons, when you upgrade them (like it was in Bioshock 1).

There are a few things I would add to Dragon's Dogma, most of which would've been in the game had Capcom given it a bigger budget. So I won't list those. But one annoying thing was the lantern, especially in Bitterblack Isle. You end up rolling around, jumping, falling, or being hit in water so much. Having to put your lantern away, wait for the animation, then put it back on was annoying. I know I could use curatives to skip this, but I'd rather not waste curatives on my lantern... I know what's waiting for me in BBI, I need those curatives.

In Modnation Racers, I'd increase the limit of props and stickers. I think the limit is something like 360 stickers per mod, and maybe 250 per kart. I hit the limit way too often, and had to sacrifice details to fit everything. But the bigger problem was the prop limit. 16 props is nowhere near enough to make some of the things I wanted to make. If this game ever gets a sequel on PS4 (please) that would be the number one thing to change.

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Pokémon probably

I'd make it so you can send out the pokemon, but actually control the pokemon by moving around the battlefield and try attacking that way.

So I would pretty much would turn it into an Action RPG instead.


Animal Crossing

The only thing I would want to change is get rid of non-orderable items, and make every item orderable again through catalog other that I it as it is.


and  for Okami

I can't really think of anything, well probably Block Head Grande and a different Final Boss. other than that I like that one the way it is anyway.


Super Smash Bros 4

Add Krystal, More options for Stage Creator. Also an option so you can Share your created stages online. and Add Fountain of Dreams, Team Plasma Battle Theme and Elite 4 Battle Theme from Black/White 2 in the game.


As for other games can't think of anything at the moment. at least I think that what the question was asking for.

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Tombi! : One thing I was they would do for my favorite game was release a new sequel, and even port the games to PS4 in higher resolution and with trophies etc. :) Bigger games??


Souls: some more quests, like not a full-fledged quest system or anything, just more events and stuff to do. More unique changes in NG+. More horror elements. 


If anyone mentions microtransactions and/or day 1 DLC, I'd slap them across the face.

That goes for a lot of games. Devs have no idea how much we hate them.

To be fair, the devs often know, and the publisher may even know, but it's up to the publisher. Often the hate for the devs are not that justified. Same goes for unfinished games. The game developer know the game isn't finished, but the publisher demands the game to be released for some reason, like to meet an important release date. Just imagine putting so much time into the game for it then to be released unfinished and being hated on, knowing that had you only got a couple of months more the game would have been so good and everyone would have enjoyed what you participated creating... More of this kind of freedom is why many developers goes independent.

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Turok 2 - game is very difficult to play due to frame rate issues (this is an N64 game after all) so needs updating to make it more playable again


Onimusha 2 - have a Virtues last reward style select-able flowchart so you don't have to restart the game each time to change who you trade with / which character you can play as. A flow chart is shown at the end of the game showing what choices were made. Everything else is perfect, even the tank controls (which have never bothered me in any game)


The darkness 2 - just needs another game in the series to continue the story and get rid of the vendettas campaign as it was unnecessary, just extend the main campaign instead


Freedom fighters - Ending was a bit abrupt, seems like a sequel is needed here too, also bring this to my VITA


Star wars battlefront 2 - Have an option to just play as a jedi through a whole match, not have to keep earning it


Resistance 3 - Game was too short, needed another couple of levels


Darksiders 2 - Wish the story tied up a little better with the original game, there is a bit of crossover but it should be made a little clearer (The intended lore book that was to be released would have rectified this, had it ever been released)


Castlevania lords of shadow 2 - New ending, it came out of nowhere and suddenly the game was over, maybe try for a similar WTF epilogue like the first game, now that was an amazing ending!

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My favourtie series is Ratchet and Clank so i would first change the difficulty. I want it to be more challenging and hard to platinum. Second i would make the game story bigger if possible and try to add more customizable stuff. Like mods for weapons and a customizable armor. Also i would make Captain Qwark playable in the story mode ^_^

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