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How is The Evil Within on the PS4?


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I already own the game on PC.  When it first came out, it had some bad performance issues on even good hardware.  The letterboxing was a downer (that plus the FOV felt virtually unplayable), but was eventually made a removable option after a few patches.  Performance improved a bit patch after patch as well.


I'm tempted to pick up a super cheap copy of the game though, trophies would be an excuse to play through it again. ;)


I'm curious how the PS4 release stacks up to the PC version though.  I assume from what I've been reading that the letterboxing hasn't been patched out... so I'm mentally preparing myself for that.  How does the game run otherwise though?  I hear I can expect some framerate dips, which is a little disappointing since it's capped at 30fps in the first place.  Figure I'll let you guys weigh in though, for those of you who have played it.  Have patches made it any better than these reports from last year seem to indicate?  Is it worth the $15-20 I intend to spend on it?

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It's a very good game. There are some very minor texture issues but otherwise they are unnoticeable. The camera can be frustrating at times and the controls are Resident Evil 5 sluggish but other than that, there's no reason not to get it.

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framerate and letterbox was a bit annoying at first, true. also the FOV as someone mentioned can be a bit off putting in the beginning. but once you are past that, it's a very good game with some challenging combat (especially akumu mode was quite a challenge), but i had tons of fun with it in the end.

i'm actually thinking about getting the trophies on ps3 again sometimes, but perhaps that's really the worst version of all and even more slowdowns, lower framerate etc. perhaps i'll rent it first and look how it's "feeling" on the ps3.


but for 15-20 bucks i'd say: buy it and don't give up too early, because the beginning will perhaps annoy you until you get used to all those things (framerate, fov, letterbox).

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The PS4 version is basically similar to the unpatched PC version.

Performance is always playable but its a step down from the PC version (20-30fps) and the letterboxing cannot be removed. If you're ok with that I'd say go for it.

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