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Just how long do the MP trophies take?


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Love the game.


Love the single player.  Will get all of those trophies someday I'm sure.


The multiplayer is most likely standing between me and a platinum.


Just how rough is it?  I briefly tried GTA Online on the PC and I wasn't really feeling it.  Is it a real grind?  Is it something I can knock out in an evening (excluding any Heist/DLC trophies)?  Is it a real ball buster if you don't like it, but still want the platinum?


Appreciate any insight. :)

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Hey Buddy.,


MP Trophy wise...it should be a breeze, considering you have ample amount of 'Free time' to sit on it and grind.

The obstacle I can see are the LVL 100 Trophy and the 30 In-game Plat Awards (check 


to check your progress. (e.g: Blown Up Vehicles, Jacked up Vehicles, Clothes worn, Number of Haircut and the list goes on)


under AWARDS Section of the webpage btw.



I have seen numerous friends and Randoms who become friends  :D that they can grind out from LVL 0 - 50 in one day.
Even 50 - 75 on the same night and the following day 75 - 90. Hope you catch my drift on that. Just sighting an example

and real time scenarios that I witness myself.



GTAONLINE: Can be FUN and Dreadfully Frustrating at the same time.


i. When you end up being spawned in a cross-fire between psychos (*who doesn't know what to do but KILL ALL Low Level Players)


ii. When you end up being chased by psycho who wants to KILL you.

    * BUT after you figure things out, you should be fine. :D

    * I had my own share of struggles from LVL 0 -10. But after that, I managed to mess around with those psycho.  :pimp:


iii. Psycho are those RED MARK peeps on your map. (The more they KILL *other players on your session, the REDDER they become)

    (at least it gives you some fair warning when one is near) *either you whack him or simply turn on a different direction:eyebrow:


iv.. Forgot to mention. Those unexpected 'being signed out' thing. It's a real momentum killer, especially when you're in the midst of              something, like missions or getting that Fugitive Award.



** Can be attain with MISSIONS or Repeat some HEIST missions over and over again. (But better with the same group of guys, as               Randoms tend to drop or just quit in the middle of the mission)


** I find it much easier to Level Up by doing Contract Missions than go racing and other stuff. It may get repetitive  but cycling through 10-12 mission variance is not bad at all. (Recommend Missions: Grab 'RoofTop Rumble' ; 'A Titan Job') to name a few. That gives more RP and CASH.




:gold: Am currently grinding my way to LVL 100. atm LVL 89 midway through.

I just don't have time to sit and grind like everyday. Only last night that I managed to get back at it.


Hope some of my insight are somewhat helpful.


PS: I had the same OFF feeling when I first started GTAO but after I managed my way and tricks. I found the FUN in it.  :D







Cheers!  :highfive: 





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The RP has really been nerfed lately so I don't know if such high level gains are still possible. I have the plat with about 125 hours logged online without doing heists, and that time was mostly spent working towards those trophies. I did play a lot of deathmatch which isn't the best rp, so playing only missions could speed that up probably, but it is still quite a grind. 

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Pretty much what everybody said, but it's more fun if you play this with friends/crew, than doing it all solo!




When doing the heist, do it with crew, cause randoms fudge it up all the time (kill you, or others, quit, don't do objectives, etc. etc.), unless you're not going for trophies then its all good in da hood! 

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