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100% Requires more controllers or not?


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From what I can tell, it can be played solo or co-op split screen (or online with up to 4 players)


This is where I found that information:  http://www.vg247.com/2015/05/09/you-can-play-nom-nom-galaxy-on-playstation-4-next-week/


I've noticed that someone on my friend list has been playing so I have asked them this question :)


Edited to say, there are some trophies that require co-op and also this trophy:


Delivery Boy
Complete 5 days in other players games

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Two controllers are required for one trophy.

How is posting in an old thread and hoping for an answer faster than using Google? It was literally the first link.

I read that thread aswell just in case you're wondering. Since I don't own a second controller, I'm wondering if SharePlay could work.

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Does Shareplay count as them playing with their PSN? I've never used it before so I don't know. But for some reason the game needs the co-op partners both to be signed into PSN it seems (and that guide says they need a save in this game)

No, that's the reason that people playing through Share Play doesn't get trophies. It would be like playing local coop (but virtually) in a guest account.

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I read another guide on TrueTrophies(.)com and this is what they said: "To get the Platinum in this game you will need to have a local co-op partner and a 2nd controller (or a friend to use SharePlay with) and have Plus to access the online portion of the game where 2 trophies lie."

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