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Transformers: Devastation Discussion


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So fellow PSNP Transformers fans, what did you all think of the game?


I just beat the game on my first playthrough using Optimus Prime and I've gotta say, I absolutely loved the game. It is far too short for a full price (or slightly discounted, in the case of this game) purchase but when it hits $20 or so it will be worth every penny. The combat feels and looks fantastic but it isn't quite as in depth as most other games in this genre but it is so damn fun to beat the hell out of Decepticons that it doesn't matter. 


Obviously the game looks absolutely gorgeous as well. I'm a big G1 Transformers fan and Devastation definitely felt like I was playing an episode of the show only with very little filler and a lot of badass battles. The boss battles in this game are actually very well done and I imagine on Commander difficulty will pose quite a big challenge. 


I'm on my second playthrough right now (with Grimlock) and I'm still loving it. I'll probably be bringing the game back to Redbox tonight seeing as I'll be playing the Uncharted Collection but once this game drops in price, I'll definitely pick up a personal copy. I actually may do it sooner because I'm an impatient bastard and I want to support Platinum and show there is enough interest for a sequel. If they managed to combine Devastation with the Cybertron series we'd have one of the best games ever, in my opinion. 




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I've been reading a lot of good things about this game, which is surprising given that it appears to have arrived with very little fanfare (usually not a good sign). It's definitely on my radar on a sort of "when I see it at a good price" sort of level. Thanks for the recommendation. 


But, as you say, the ND Collection is out tomorrow, so between those 3 games, Tearaway UnfoldedSMBRocksmith 2014, etc etc, I've got more than enough to keep me going. 

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