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Treasure Master Trophy Glitch?

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I just got the last treasure and no trophy. I got the half way through trophy and the strange relics. I had 3 left over treasures that I didn't get in the story but got using the chapter select so could that have affected it? 

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Yeah, that's super strange. There always has to be the 1% of copies that have glitches trophies...


i collected all of mine via chapter select after getting the ones i found through my first playthrough. i remember in ch 8 (Scotland) as you're swinging your way to the cave i believe after the puzzle there are 2 treasures one in the cave to the left (there are 3 enemies around) with the pirate skeleton and a flintlock pistol and one in the cave/room to the right while you wait for Sam to allow you to climp up.

it was weird since i collected the one in the cave to the right (pewter bird box something) in my 1st playthrough and then again when cleaning up even though i knew i had it and it registered just like 'pewter box' which is a different trasure. Might be the one you're missing so check it out :)

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I seem to be having this issue as well. There's only one treasure I intentionally missed on my second playthrough because it tracked from the first playthrough so I guess I'll go back and get that and give an update.


Update: Went back for the one I skipped and nothing happened. I checked my save through the Load Game menu and it says 108 treasures, but then the in-game stats only has me at 106. In the Treasures menu I have everything, so I really have no idea what's going on. I may have to wait for a patch or something for this one.

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PStrophies talked about some treasure in the end of some chapter to the next chapter.. maybe that one you have left ;)


In chapter select i got every Treasure and all other collectibles. 

i don't know if i will wait for a patch or play the whole game again.


i really don't want to play it again...  :(

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(posted the same thing at PStrophies...)


i made a backup after my first PT and just copied it back to my PS4

Got 28 Treasures on my first PT according to the Statistics but 29 of them under the Treasures Tap. So i tried to get all of the 29 again. Started randomly selecting Chapters but after 2 or 3 i thought, start at the beginning.
So i came to the 2nd available Treasure
The Navaja Folding Knife, i got the First Treasure Trophy there BUT now it isn't there anymore!
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