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THE LAST GUARDIAN: THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT TRICO - IGN FIRST (Possible Spoilers - Click on your own accord)


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Shafts of bright sunshine from high above pierce through the darkness, casting dappled light on the hulking chains that curl about the floor of the cave. Butterflies flitter above them, oblivious to the enormous animal the chain snakes towards, and the harness around its neck. The creature is lying still, wounded; two spears jut out from vermillion-stained feathers.


It’s not dead, however, and as I tentatively move toward it, the beast rears its head and grows agitated, snapping at me if I approach from the front and casting about to keep me in view if I approach from the side. It’s clearly in pain, however, and I decide to take a chance and climb onto its hindquarters, to where a spear is lodged, just below what appears to be broken armour plating on its back.


Here are the videos :



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