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PS4 App + PS Messages get updates


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Nothing yet. It looks like it's in line with the upcoming 4.00 firmware update. The PS4 app looks much more polished.

Why not post this at the very least so there is something of substance to the thread?



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That's great, good to see Sony is not forgetting about these apps because they need a lot of improvement but at least baby steps are being made and that's good enough for me. Too bad I won't be able to update them as my phone is currently undergoing storage issues.

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PlayStation App 4.0.7

-You can now change your avatar from the [Edit Profile] menu on your profile screen.

PlayStation Messages 4.0.13

-The number of messages that can be saved has been increased.

-You can now see [Players Met] on the Friends screen.

-You can now see older messages that were sent before you were added to the group.

-You can now crop an image that you're attaching to a message.

-Search has been simplified to finding Friends and other players only.

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The PS App update is sightly improved by the UI. You still can't check Communities, you can't see hidden trophies infos as incoming PS4 4.00, can't join a Party... I expect it to be a app to do everything as PS4 does but games...

Keep in mind, everything they allow the apps to do now need to be screened for exploits like crazy as these seem to have been a bit of the reason the ddos attacks have been successful. Turning on the floodgates and just giving the apps all kinds of access to the PSN also gives these nut job dbags another avenue to exploit.

Also, I thought Messages let you join parties already and if trophies are hidden why would you want to check info? I can't imagine there would be more than like 5 people ever doing that...

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Mine still looks the same. No update yet. They making you do it manually or something?


Apple App store showed a notification for available updates. I would guess launching the App store will show updates or going to Google Play for Androids will allow you to download the newest version.


For us Windows Phone users, when I searched for Playstation Messages, I got a middle finger image and when I searched for Playstation App, my phone audibly laughed at me, even though it was on silent.

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