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couch coop?


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Just tried this out with a buddy over the weekend. Yes it is couch co-op, it is also quite a bit glitchy, and suffers from some major frame rate issues with a lot of enemies on the screen. Honestly we didn't have much fun but we were interested in a couple other games anyway. Didn't get a trophy so I deleted the game from my list. I'll probably give it a second look on my own when I get the chance. 

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Can all trophies be earned using 4 player couch co-op? Is couch co-op even 4 players or just 2? I can borrow 2 extra controllers next week if it's possible. That way I wouldn't have to deal with the servers. :)


Update: Well to answer my own question... I got the 2-player trophies online with someone else, but I tried them on my alt acc by myself and it worked. Broest of Bro did not unlock in "local" play so I had to go "online" and still use my local accounts and it popped that way.

Oh and couch is 4 players.

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