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Before The Flood


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So by now, I'm sure everyone is aware of global warming and climate change and how big of a concerning issue it is becoming. Apparently, there will be a show called "Before The Flood" hosted by Leonardo Dicaprio on the National Geographic channel on October 30th that will talk about this issue. The thing that really caught my attention about it the most is that it's going to be commercial free. "Commercial free?" I thought to myself. It must be serious if they're not going to play annoying commercials! But what are your thoughts on this? What are your thoughts on global warming? 


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I thought from the title it was going to be about the Flood from Halo. That's my 6'th or so disappointment today.


I'm also skeptical about the commercial free thing. Not that it really bothers me since I just pause for 30 minutes to skip commercials anyway.

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"From Academy winner Leonardo DiCaprio" I sure am interested when ever DiCappucino is involved in something :D . I watched the documentary March of the Penguins just because Morgan Freeman narrrated it with his awesome voice. I think having Leo travelling around the world in cool places will make me want to watch this one as well. I don't have a strong opinion on global warming but it might be good to hear about it more.

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