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Jak 2 Secrets Glitch


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On a status update this week I noticed 'TheYuriG' made a comment related to an invincibility glitch on the PSVita version of Jak II.  Initially I thought it was the usual orb glitch but after a little digging I found a post on playstationtrophies which explains it.


Basically, right from the beginning of the game you can select any of the secrets even if they have a ?????? on them and THEY WORK!


I just started playing the tutorial level and tested the invincibility one (second last from the bottom) and boom, I'm invincibility.  At this point I only have 5 orbs and have not even finished the level.


Only on the Vita version from what I can gather but very helpful.


Anyhow, wanted to post this here for anyone else who is playing and using this site.  Full credit to 'finalflash30' who posted the original thread on the other site.

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Dumb me never noticing we didn't have a thread for this yet. Just wanted to mention 2 more things:

  1. It doesn't work for ps3
  2. doesn't work for jak 3 


However, you can activate every cheat, that counts infinite ammo and infinite dark jak too. Makes this game much easier to complete. Not sure what they messed up with the porting, but thanks nonetheless.

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Full credit to 'finalflash30' who posted the original thread on the other site.



Mentioned here: http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/27492-this-is-hard/#entry615613The 7th post in the thread, but you're right OP, it didn't have it's own thread.


Doesn't help in any of the shitty handling speeder missions, but will help in the rest.

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