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My Name is Mayo, for those who think, simple clicker.


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I posted a retelling of the story in my MRP post for the game


This was an amazing and epic tale of self discovery. The titular character, Scott Mayo, is unsure of his place in the world. Through a clever and groundbreaking use of flashbacks, the player gains insight into Mayo's childhood and tumultuous adolescence in which he rebels against his father and the conformity that his father represents. Damaged by the resentment of his father, Mayo's life had become a constant vie for attention. He would gallivant around in skimpy outfits screaming about his fetishes and lust for sexual gratification. He made a game out of his lust. He would have people tap him as much as they'd like. Hell, some people tapped him as much as 10,000 times by themselves. They would call Mayo their "dirty trophy whore game" since he was so easy and so cheap. Some even laughed at him because of how quickly he was finished. In a later flashback, it was revealed that all of this happened because one person touched him in a place he had never been touched--his heart. She was a woman with a personality as beautiful as her appearance. Mayo told her about his love, but she did not reciprocate his feelings. She only wanted him to fulfill her base desires (his pH levels were above 7 after all.) And so we come to the present; Mayo is near the end of his journey toward self discovery. After a few more taps, the game ends in an inspirational exclamation by Scott Mayo. He proudly declares, "I am Mayo!"

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