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Should I get the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass?


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Ok this is going to be a quick post. In the UK the season pass for Battlefront is priced at £15.99, which is something I can afford. I really enjoy Battlefront as a game, but I want to know is the additional content worth it? 


All responses are appreciated.


The offer ends midnight tonight.

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It's only a question that you can answer.


  • Do you have the money for the SP?
  • Are you interested in the SP's content?
  • Is the content/price ratio worth it?
  • Are you going to spend enough time with it to justify your purchase?
  • Is there anything more worthy your money at the same price at this moment?

If you feel that the sum of all this questions make you feel positive about the purchase, do it.

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I got the Season Pass but it has been kind of tough to find other players for some specific games.

Now the Scariff DLC is full and it delivers, I love it.

Maybe you could aim to get the separate DLC for Scarif and not the entire Season Pass for what I described above :)

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