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Treasure Liberator trophy


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just wanted to make a post as a PSA of sorts - i've been going around for hours trying to find every treasure chest for this bloody trophy, and i've just got it now. the thing is, mimic fights count towards the trophy, and i had no idea. i'd been following a chest guide specifically to avoid having to spend ages chasing up loose ends, but the reason for it was that i'd not fought some of the mimics.


this is just in case anyone else is/will be in a similar spot to me. 

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I was using a handy checklist as I was going through the game to help with just ensuring I got all of them 'on the way' and now I got to the last one and it didn't pop so... I have obviously missed something (maybe a mimic) or perhaps I opened the chest and ticked it off, but it closed because I was full on that item/mirajewel... OR I assumed I got ones that I didn't (confused myself). So many variables! 


Either way, time to go through every map to find! I won't let this one get by me, I'm soooo close to platinum now! I just wish the standard WOFF had that treasure tracker that the Maxima version has ? 

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i'm having to find a chest missing. will post where it is once found.

might be helpful to others who have to someday look for it.


pyreglow forest branch 2.

valley seven. cauldron 4


1 was out in open, 1 was around a murkrift >< and i just got the trophy.

the treasure tracker tracks for 1 area, may need to use it once per area to hear a ding or not.

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Am I understanding correctly that the treasure tracker is only in the Maxima DLC? I got the true ending and I don’t have the item..

If there is one thing I hate it’s following a video guide for hours.

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