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So I bought My Name Is Mayo...


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24 minutes ago, IntroPhenom said:


That response sums up exactly why I'll support Green Lava Studios.  A thoughtful, informative reply to a fan.  Imagine that.

Maybe but that reply is strange since the fee for my name is mayo is 300€ (or maybe 600€ that depends...)

so max. 500 copies of Mayo would cover it, nobody were pissed and accourding to the sold copies it is worth it...



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12 hours ago, DF007gamer said:


How dare you try and stack My Name is Mayo among your many ULTRA RARE PLATS, you'll be banished from the "So Called" trophy hunters ego's circle. 


:giggle:Jokes aside I think the Devs missed the point on making a quik buck on regional stacks. Nice to have a quik plat now and then. 

Im still playing hard games periodically 

just thought i would be able to stack mayo seeing as i still had a few bucks on my EU account, guess i was wrong

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