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Free 2 Play Games with Trophy support


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  1. 1. How should I label games that are "Delisted", "Region locked" etc.?

    • Color coded *
    • Squared numbers ²
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7 hours ago, Klart said:

Hi all devoted followers of this topic,


I have a question for all of you. According to the most recent US PS Blog post revealing the new store content for this week, a new FTP RPG is coming to the store this week. The game is called Cryptract. Apparently the game already came out in 2016 in Japan, but I can’t find it in the games here on PSN Profiles. Can anybody help me?

I was wondering that myself. Does Cryptract have any trophies or not?

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55 minutes ago, Klart said:

Hi Stan,


Nice to see you're keeping this up to date. What exactly is free for Hitman? The Prologue? Can't find anything Hitman 2 related for free in the EU-store.

The Prologue yes (Base Game)

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*Episode 1 for all of them


Telltale games are being delisted on steam and maybe soon on consoles. So go download the free first episodes and maybe buy some before they get delisted. (IF they even get delisted but by the time we know it´s to late sooo just letting you know ;)



Happy Dungeons was supposed to be delisted on Nov 15 2018 it´s still up so grab it if you want before it´s gone. The servers will be shut down on June 17 2019.

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20 hours ago, Klart said:

Tx for the heads up! Missed a few of those Batmans (or is it Batmen?)!


Although for 


It seems I only have a choice between the demo and paying for episode 1?

19 hours ago, Lance_87 said:

Yes, same here. The Episode 1's for those games are paid content.

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