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Metallica Disc Import for Warriors of Rock?


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5 minutes ago, snakehead95 said:

I am aware that the servers for Activisions old guitar hero games are closed down, but is there any other way to get the disc import download?


Is that a server thing? It's surprising to me that, simply because online servers are down, you can't import music. Have you tried yet?

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None of the servers were ever closed down. The only game you can't play online anymore is Guitar Hero: Hits and that's because the servers have become so unstable that if you can even connect in the first place you'll be disconnected before you can even finish a song, the others should work just fine, you might have a few connection problems here and there but they should be functional.


As for importing songs, from what I remember the only way to do so was by redeeming a code in the playstation store which could be found on the back of the instruction manual of the game you wanted to import. There was no other way to access it unless you game share with someone that has used one of these codes in the past and if you have an instruction manual with an unused code (Minus Greatest Hits) it should still work for you.

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You can't buy anything now, import or songs. The only thing that you can try to do is find someone that can shere with you his songs. Its impossible or vary hard this days. (BTW in the pass, you can import GH:M , GH: V was the only you can't)

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