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Which platinums aren’t obtainable from my list ?


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Hey all , was wondering if anyone could take a look at my trophy list and let me know which platinums from my list aren’t obtainable any more as I’m thinking of re-buying some games that I don’t have a lot of trophies for and maybe go for the platinum if they’re not all that bad , please and thank you in advance 

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9 minutes ago, janeth30stm said:

Sorry I’d research myself but I have slow internet , didn’t have to be rude 

He just made 2 questions, you are the one seeing rudeness in it. This could also have been a status update. Or you could just really go and look it up yourself. It doesn't matter if your internet slow since those servers are closed already, it's not like they gonna become more unobtainable than they already are anyway. You would literally have all the time in the world to find out that information.


Just looked up your list and the impossible games have already been mentioned. Demon Souls' official servers have been closed in february, but there are fan servers up and you can get the platinum alone, so it's unaffected.

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2 hours ago, janeth30stm said:

Sorry I’d research myself but I have slow internet , didn’t have to be rude 


You're asking for games you currently don't own right? If so go to pst.org and look for a specific game, normally a trophy guide mentions right away if any trophy/trophies are unobtainable.


A different solution is search for a thread like "(ps3) unobtainable trophies", i think there's one or two here on psnp, there you can see a list of unobtainable trophies too.


And yes i know there's no guarantee your game(s) are listed, but it's highly likely

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Hey, Joker. 


I found a thread a bit ago on PlaystationTrophies that describes trophies that are unobtainable on specific platforms that you might wanna check out:




(Also, I think you took me off your friend's list after we got done with Uncharted. Don't be a stranger, man! Lol.)


EDIT: Just realized that this wasn't Joker's thread but Janeth's. Haha. This can also apply to you to take a look at as well as all those who check this out. (Did not know how I glossed over OP an hour ago. My fault!)

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