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1 million space bux free


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1 hour ago, Lovelost6rw said:

I did not get it my theory is if you spent real money in the game at any point you got it.I did not as I never spent real money.

Did not speed real money in this game and i got it also. 

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On 5/20/2018 at 4:02 PM, Lovelost6rw said:

I just got the space bux to so theory debunked 



Lmao we 100% the game at the same second, looks like we did it together ?


I mean we did get matched together for the last two, didn't realize we both finished on that last match though

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37 minutes ago, Lovelost6rw said:

I noticed that too I thought it was hilarious.you were a big help we totally dominated. What was funny is I could of sworn I had to do two more missions for the trophy. we finished then it popped.

Yea you were a big help too in finishing those last 2 quickly

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