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Has anyone ordered from Play-Asia?


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Just a question because I'm pretty frustrated.


I ordered Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night & Persona(vita)  5 Dancing Star Night (vita) back when they stated they were in stock on Play-Asia last week. I paid the $20 shipping and all it and stated it would be here sometime this week. I kept checking everyday wondering why it wasn't sent out and realized the other day P5 said it was pending.. Today it says 1 - 5 days under quantity. Although P3 says it usually ships out within 48 hours still. Does anyone know if Play-Asia would refuse to partially ship out my order because they've had this one game instock for four days. I emailed customer support because I'm pretty aggravated about this since I did pay for the highest shipping and just the fact that they have at least one of the games in stock..


I literally have no desire to play anything but those games.


Found it most appropriate to post the topic here considering it's about vita games. 

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They sometimes do partial shippings but it's not very common. I pretty sure the reason they won't do that for you under any circumstance in this case IS because you are using the most expensive one.

They do not charge extra for the other part of the shipping in partial shipment cases so they would lose money if they gave you a free $20 shipping.

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I've never had them do partial shipping. RightStuf was the same way, ordered a bunch of stuff on sale along with some preorders and had to wait months for the sale stuff to come. Seems like a common thing for smaller online retailers to do so I usually expect it to be that way unless otherwi0se stated.


edit; I've got a current order with Play-Asia with a game out, and preorders and it's been about two weeks since I ordered it. Nothing yet, since the preorders aren't out.

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Interesting thread name question to begin with considering there are many importers on PSNP :awesome: 


No, P-A never does partial shipping unless you place two orders.

If you place one order, it will be sent in one order and handling will depend on the item that takes the longest to prepare.

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9 hours ago, stupot00 said:

Play-asia posted on Twitter yesterday that they had some problems with shipping delays. 




I really appreciate you posting this cause this helps out a lot.


I also appreciate everyone else’s response I regards to the original post. Thank you all!

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