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is Sly cooper: thieves in time (ps vita) wroth getting?

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Thieves in Time is my favorite of the series for sure. I have it for both PS3 & Vita (as @Pipsqweek stated, you get it free on Vita when you buy the PS3 version). I started off on Vita and wasn't overly happy with the controls and such. Once I started playing on the PS3 it was fantastic! I started enjoying it more on the Vita after that as well.

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I concur. I actually think it might be the best of the four, apart from a couple of annoying mini games.

I agree, especially the trophy when you have to pull up your mini map for every new level/area your in...felt very annoyed cuz i kept forgetting to do that

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The only part of the game I didn't like was the fourth boss battle(no spoilers) - you have to make sure you aren't jiggling the Vita or you'll miss and take a hit. And then you have to direct the arrow around the shield in two parts. Also, be prepared to see an unskippable cutscene a zillion times if you aren't good with a certain ability in that area as one trophy requires you to climb to the top of a tower in one and a half minutes and you can't restart from the checkpoint as it'll spawn you halfway up.


However, don't let that ruin the game for you. Once you get past the contrivances, the game is really fun. :D

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