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E3 2018: Trials Rising


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I found no new thread for this game, so I start one myself. I followed the rumours over the last months and I am totally hyped for this. Personally, this is the best announcement this E3 :D I know this is a genre you really have to get into, but these games give a really hard challenge for those who enjoy it and they are really rewarding if you finally beat the challenges.They also involved some of the best Trials players into the developement process, like Professor FatShady who created most of the tutorials for the new game.


You can register for the beta on www.trialsgame.com, the game itself will be released in February 2019.

Anyone else hyped for this ? I guess not, but hey, maybe someone else jumps on my hypetrain :P 



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I've loved Trials since 2007 and I'm so excited to hop back in soon. For the sake of my overall trophy completion, I hope that the trophy lists looks more like the lists of Evolution and HD though.  I'm not skilled enough right now to 100% Fusion, although with all this Trials talk I'm tempted to hop back in and give it another try ?

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