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How to brake boost


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Does anybody know how to do this, im not doing to bad with the daily challenges, and have a few golds here and there but im usually looking at a silver at best especially the ones that require quick times. Wouldnt mind knowing the easiest way to brake boost so i could get golds on a regular basis and cut my plat time down considerably.

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To me, the simplest way to gain speed is to use the attack button to project your character forward and make a small jump (lightly tapping the jump button). Attack as soon as the characters hit the ground, jump and repeat.


But if you want to know all the types of brake boost then you can check out this video:



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This is my third platinum on Rayman Legends, it wasn’t hard to get diamonds and golden trophies with the increase of active players lately. And you guys are lucky that it doesn’t have a Diamond trophy like the PSVita ;)


. Like people said, you can use [attack] and tap [jump] to go faster;

. Sometimes using [attack]+down on trampolines (like the brains in Living Dead) will get you to higher places;

. Use the slide (hold Down) to increase speed. Every time you see a ramp, use a slide to increase speed. Then, use little jumps to continue the boost.

. Work as a team up to 4 players. Yes, not everyone knows this, but you can play these challenges with other players locally - great for collecting Lums ;)

. If you see an horizontal airstream, press [attack] while in air and use slide [down] when landing to increase boost.


These are some tricks you need to practice and use the environment whenever possible. For example, using the slide speed in the vertical airstream will allow you to pass over the iron slide instead wasting time sliding it)...

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