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How did you meet your Girlfriend/boyfriend through gaming?


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So before I start this question keep in mind I have a girlfriend for a long time and I'm very happy with her and this isn't some weird give me tips topic. I'm just really curious how people start a relationship by gaming. As I was always the guy who found someone while going out in clubs/pubs and whatsoever.


So on topic. Me and a friend were talking the other day how some couples have these relationships where they meet each other through gaming/MMO's/discord/teamspeak you name it.

and before you know meet up, start to live together and in my case I even met a couple who were married when they met each other in World of Warcraft. I just kept wondering how do you meet your "soulmate" through gaming. Last time I talked a bunch with a "gamer girl" was when I still played WoW and the only thing I did was bitch about loot against her ?.


So I was wondering, Any couples here who found each other through online gaming and how did it all started?

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The same as anywhere else, I guess? You talk with someone for whatever reason, get along reasonably well so you talk with them some more. Eventually you both end up with a mutual like and trust of each other, so you decide to start dating. You branch out to other communications methods if you haven't already (video chatting, texting, actual letters, etc) and then you meet offline a few times. At this point it's a normal long-distance relationship. Depending how far away you are, you make plans for a future together (who's moving where and when). Then it goes on like a regular relationship.


In a world of online dating sites and Tinder, I'm more confused of how you meet someone out in the wild without a mutual connection. How do you know that guy at the bar isn't a serial killer? Exactly. At least if you meet a serial killer online you have a digital paper trail and not a fuzzy surveillance video. The added benefit of meeting someone in a game is that you know you both share a hobby together.


EDIT: I didn't actually answer the question, did I? I met my partner in an MMO when we played a few rounds together and I invited them to my friend's list because I liked their fast and efficient play style. (Okay, I liked how they did all the work :P) A few months later we exchanged phone numbers/names, then we didn't talk much for several months. 8 months after we met we started talking everyday out of the blue and haven't stopped since. (Besides a couple days here and there when we both get stubborn and have our little riffs, but 90% of the time it's everyday) We dated strictly online (skype, text, party chat mostly) for a bit over a year, and then I started visiting them for a week and a half every other month for the last 6 months as they save money to move to my state (since I'm in college for another year and I really don't want to move to their state)

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I met my partner on this site almost four years ago (we both had different accounts back then). I made a thread for Ratchet & Clank asking something and he responded, after that I made a status saying how I almost had the platinum and again he responded, after that we added each other on the site back when you did that instead of following and talked a little. After sending a few messages we added each other on Playstation and the first thing we said was "Snap" since we were both playing Ratchet and Clank at the time, after that we've talked everyday and he taught me pretty much everything about games and trophy hunting.


Of course it's a long distance relationship but luckily we don't live that far away, about a six hour train journey. We've met a few times now and when we aren't together we play games together regularly and make sure we mic everyday along with Skype often, it took us two years to meet for the first time but at the end of the day it shouldn't matter as long as both people want it. One day we'll live together sure but for now we're happy how we are and thanks to him I'll always have a co-op/boosting partner for games, Ratchet & Clank will also always have a special meaning to me since I would have never met him without it. ^_^ 

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