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Post a list of Great/New games to get!


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This is a strongly opinionated question! Some people may love a certain game and some may hate it. None the less here are my favorite games I got the past few months...


DmC: Devil May Cry: If you're a hack and slash fan you'd most likely find this game enjoyable. Despite the fact that most Devil May Cry fans claim the earlier games were better (I can't say because I've never played the earlier games) I still think this is an awesome game.


Dead Space 3: This was a blast to play. My favorite Dead Space so far. However not everyone agrees with that. Many like the earlier ones better, I see where they are coming from, but I still loved Dead Space 3 more than the earlier ones. However you'd be better off playing the first two to really get a good taste of the series and the story. 


Hitman Absolution: Again another game that Hitman fans claim isn't as good as the earlier ones. I can agree in some aspects. I've played all the Hitman games originally on PC. Tons of fun. Absolution is a little different. You have endless amounts of ways to take down your enemies. Also getting the silent assassin rating is quite the challenge. If you don't like stealth games avoid this game.


The games listed above are in my opinion great games to get. 

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